27. Internationale Konferenz für Ganzheitliches Sehen. 27th International Conference for Holistic Vision. 1.-03. Oktober 2019.

Info Conference for Holistic Vision 2019

Akademie Gesundes Leben, Oberursel bei Frankfurt

26th IHVC Edinburgh 2017

Bezoek de website  The International Holistic Vision Conference in October 2017

XXV Intl Holistic Vision Congress. 2015 Madrid, Spain.

Het Intl Holistic Vision Congress is voor gezond beter leren zien op een natuurlijke wijze. Intl Holistic Vision Congress wordt om de twee jaren gehouden om ervaringen over het beter leren zien uit te wisselen met de deelnemers.

Groeps foto van Intl Holistic Vision congress 2000 in Berlin
Groeps foto van het Intl Holistic Vision congress 2000 in Berlin

24 nd Intl Holistic Vision Congress in Italy van 30 oktober t/m 4 november 2013

The Conference has Pre- and Post-conference Workshops. De conference wordt gehouden in Villa Cagnola in Gazzada Schianno (Varese, Italy).

22 Th Intl Holistic Vision Congress in Spa – Belgium, 2009. Expanding our horizons

The REVIEW of the 22 International Conference for Holistic Vision. “Expanding our horizons” . Nr 1 of 5 parts of the presentions and workshops. www.holisticvision.be
The 22 th International Conference for Holistic Vision. 30 October – 1 November, 2009 in Spa, Belgium. Expanding our horizons. www.holisticvision.be. Pre and post conference workshops.

The objective of this conference is to exchange methods and experiences in the field of natural vision improvement.

We have brought together an exiting panel of speakers and workshop facilitators, some of whom we will be discovering for the first time and on a number of new subjects, both for the conference and for the pre and post conference workshops.
In addition to this very attractive program, we did organizing three special meetings:
1. The second international meeting concerning the establishment of a national organization network. Marianne Wiendel did chair the meeting.
2. A meeting concerning the exchange of ideas and support for the organization of professional traing in th Bates Method in Europe bases on the experiences of certain countries such as Italy. Chairman, Giorgio Ferrario.
3. The creation of an onternational committee on the prevention of vision problems in the school environment, led by Sylvia Lakeland and Mikolaj Markiewicz.
The organisational team: Marie Schils, Hortense Servais, Anton Molitor. www.holisticvision.be . Thanks to Jasper Ruiter for making the clip Universal Vision of Eye-Tools logo
Video production Peter Ruiter from ogenschool Eye-Tools.

Zie de YouTube: Review van de International Conference for Holistic Vision

YouTube: The group picture 22 International Conference for Holistic Vision, Spa